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So who is this upstart with the silly name in an otherwise quite serious business?

Mortgagefool.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of HomeFirst Mortgage Corp, a privately held mortgage banker & broker (dual licensed) headquartered in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia and licensed to do business in Florida, Maryland, South Carolina, Virginia, and the District of Columbia (and more coming soon to a theater near you!) Just kiddin' about the last part, but we are growing so check back! HomeFirst Mortgage was incorporated in 1992 and opened for business early in 1993. Our loan officers have an average of 10+ years in the mortgage industry (doing things the old way I might add!!) Over the last 15 years we have averaged $250,000,000+ in annual closed loan volume - quite a feat for a relatively small company through some very challenging times in the industry!

Late in 1999, the principles at HomeFirst Mortgage Corp had a revelation. The dot-com bust was in full fury and online mortgage companies were failing as fast as you could type in their web address. Traditional loan officers smugly voiced 'I told you so's' but we recognized a common theme with these failures:  inexperienced, unlicensed clerks were fielding the inquiries, not loan officers! (Amazingly, this practice - using phone clerks and not licensed loan officers -continues today with mortgage companies touting their "new" online presence having learned nothing from the mistakes of the past). So we set out to fix that.

MortgageFool.com, the internet division of HomeFirst Mortgage Corp, was rolled out in March of 2000 and was an immediate success. While automation makes us faster and cheaper, our continued reliance on the loan officer's relationship with our borrowers makes us better. We've led the way for 17 years with an internet portal that is simple to maneuver while offering specifically what you seek: current rates, excellent mortgage calculators and an online application.

Look around our site. Compare our rates and fees. You'll find we can do everything the overbearing giants can do, only better, and for much less cost using licensed, bonded loan officers who must pass annual continued education testing and criminal background checks (Bank loan officers do none of this!) When you submit your loan application via mortgagefool.com, you will work directly with your loan officer throughout the entire process. Our emphasis on the use of technology will result in an effortless, painless mortgage application process for you. (Sheeeze - did I really say that? O.K., but it should be a little less effort and somewhat less painful!!)

Give us a try; we're sure you'll enjoy the experience. Your wallet will thank you!